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The virtual prepaid MasterCard

About SpectroCard

Internet revolutionized the way people communicate, firstly by introducing totally new ways of communication such as e-mail, real time chat and social networks. The founders of SpectroCard believe that Internet has the same capability to revolutionize the way we pay for goods online.

Initial SpectroCard aim is to remove dependency on banks and time required to obtain a payment card to be able to pay. That reduces many barriers for unbanked, traveling and other people to be a part of convenient payment system as SpectroCard is accepted at more than 30 million places around the globe.

SpectroCard is also a solution for small and medium enterprises, who are willing to issue temporary or permanent payment cards to their employees, business partners or clients. We believe that flexibility of SpectroCard can help SMEs to develop new innovative products to benefit all of us.

Regarding our long-term goal we want to make SpectroCard not only the most flexible payment card, but also the most flexible payment method, which would be low-cost, simple to use and highly adoptable for different needs.